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viernes, 26 de febrero de 2010

Andrae Crouch - Finally (1982)

01 - We Need To Hear From You
02 - Finally
03 - Everybody's Got To Know
04 - We Are Not Ashamed
05 - Sweet Communion
06 - All The Way
07 - He's Waiting
08 - Let's Whorship Him (Vamos A Alabar)
09 - That's Why I Need You
10 - My Tribute

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Andrae Crouch - By the performer

01-the blood will never lose its power
02-i'm gonna keep on singing
03-I've got confidence
04-My Tribute
05-I don't know why jesus loves me
06-trough it all
07-It won't be long
08-bless his holy name
09-Jesus is the answer
10-Just like he said he would
11-Take me back
12-Perfect peace
13-Soon and very soon
14-I'll be thinking of you
15-It's gonna rain

Andrae Crouch - Tribute

Take Me back - Cece Winans
Jesus is the answer - Michael W. Smith
I don't know why Jesus loves me - Twila Paris
It's gonna rain - Bryan Duncan
Through it all - Wayne Watson
It won't be long - The Winans
The blood will never lose it's power - Clay Crosse
This is another day - Take 6
Soon and very soon - The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir
Can't nobody do me like Jesus - First Call
My Tribute (To God be the Glory) - Andrae Crouch

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Andrae Crouch - Don't Give Up (1981)

01 Waiting For The Son
02 Don't Give Up
03 I Can't Keep It To Myself
04 Hollywood Scene
05 Handwriting On The Wall
06 I Love Walking With You
07 Save The People
08 I'll Be Good To You, Baby
09 Start All Over Again